Using Email To Engage First & Second Time Guests

Using Email To Engage First & Second Time Guests

October 22, 2013 by admin - 2 Comments

Back in the summer, we began a new process to engage people who visit our church for the first time and those who visit a second time using email and autoresponders.  Autoresponders are email sequences that you design to send to a specific list of people at specific times.

For example, let’s say Jo Jo visits Ridge Church for the first time this Sunday.  Jo Jo will get an already done, designed email specifically addressed to him within hours of his visit.  That will begin a sequence of emails Jo Jo will receive over the next 30 days from Ridge Church that will cover a variety of topics.  The beauty of this is that the emails are already designed, written and just waiting to be sent once Jo Jo’s name and email address is entered into our system.

At this time we send 6 emails in a 30 day period.  The 6 emails are…

  1. A thank you for coming email (includes a survey)
  2. A short story of our town and our church
  3. A brief “meet our pastor” email
  4. An email highlighting the benefits of our ministries at the Ridge
  5. An email telling people who to get involved in a group or our intro to our church class called BaseCamp
  6. An email asking how we can be praying for them

We’ve been watching how people interact with these sequences and here’s what we have found so far…

  • The two emails that get the most opens are Email #1 and Email #3 (this is a recent increase)
  • The two emails that get the least opens are Email #4 and Email #6

Our survey and sign up for the BaseCamp class get the two highest click rates

Currently, I am working on a brand new sequence for second time guests.  This sequence mentioned above works for anyone who visits one time and then gathers more info before coming back and for anyone who continues to come as it provides relevant information.  I am also in the process of refining our original sequence to be more effective.

My friend Rich Birch had me as his guest on the Unseminary podcast last month and I discussed in more detail how we use these sequences.  You can catch the show notes and link RIGHT HERE.

If you would like to get started using sequences, I would be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.  Just leave me a comment or message me on Twitter @bobbywilliams

And shout out to Mailchimp for providing a great service to do these sequences with.