How Do I Know I’m Multiplying Disciples?

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by dan grider

Am I Multiplying Disciples?

Take the test:

  1. Do I feel like I have crossed a finish line when a person prays to receive Christ?
  1. Do I know how to disciple the new person to rapidly multiply other disciples?
  1. Do I know how to coach the new disciple to grow and multiply other disciples at the same time ?
  1. After I lead someone to Christ, do I feel like I need to move on to find the next convert because so many people “need Jesus”?
  1. Do I feel like I am the new converts primary life line to the Christian faith?
  1. Do I feel like the new convert has a high likelihood of bailing on the Christian experience?
  1. Have there been many who have prayed the prayer only to become unresponsive to discipleship follow up?

If you admit that several of the above scenarios are true, you are not uncommon. You are stuck in the American Christian virus.

We have developed a process to help church planters get out of this vortex of discipling frustration. I have seen many church planters move from frustration to multiplication by embracing the process that Jesus used. That statement may be irritating to you. You probably are following Jesus with every fiber in you. Yet you probably aren’t experiencing the same results that He achieved.

Change What You Care About

It begins with “changing what we care about”. This step is essential if we are going to launch a multiplication movement.

We must shift from the classic evangelism model that is focused on getting folks to make a decision. We must move to making reproducing disciples that will launch a movement that multiplies.

We must learn how to cultivate life change in those we are discipling. From that origin we are able to learn how to multiply disciples. In many cases we simply lead a person to pray the sinners prayer and call that multiplication. We must change what we care about if we are going to experience genuine multiplication.

We must learn how Jesus did multiplication. He led in such a way that it becomes simple enough to repeat the process.  He made it simple enough that it’s contagious.

This happens best by learning how to reduce the process into bite-sized digestible parts that can be assimilated. If we continue to use multiplication language without every really multiplying disciples the entire thing grinds to a halt.

If it remains simple and manageable, it will be passed on from one life to another. It will remain relational and contagious. Simple is less fragile. Simple is repeatable. Simple builds confidence as it’s passed on to each succeeding generation of disciples.

Complex is much more stressful; it will create bureaucracy and process. Complex creates proprietary ownership and hierarchy.

If you want to know more on this topic, check out the training dates on our training website, We will teach you how to multiply disciples like Jesus did. He launched a movement that multiplied to the fourth generation and beyond.