Reflect Before You Charge Into Fall

August 14, 2017 by admin - No Comments

by dan grider

This season is a great time to do some reflection before the pressure of the next ministry run kicks into full gear.

There is a three step process that will serve you well.

Life Examination – Personal Review – Ministry Evaluation

The questions below can be applied to the above three categories. These three steps will help you process what you should be doing. Of course it is never as clear as it may appear in writing, but, the process does work itself out if you are committed to discovering your unique contribution.

Pastor coach Gary Reinecke provides this list of 9 questions to help you refine your Unique ministry shape. This will empower you to be a more faithfully steward the gifts and ministry that has been entrusted to you.

Unique Contributions Reflection Questions:

Self Examination:

1 What am I passionate about?

2 What abilities have I demonstrated that produce fruitful results?

3 What spiritual gifts fuel these skills & abilities?

Feedback from others:

1 What positive feedback do people share with me?

2 What skills do people consistently affirm in me?

3 What impact do these skills have on other people?

Spiritual Litmus Test

1 How do I measure effectiveness?

2 What activities leave me energized?

3 When do I sense God’s pleasure most?