4 Areas of Growth

September 12, 2017 by admin - No Comments

by dan grider

• Individually: Embrace how the Father has wired you. You are uniquely distinct from all others.

• Leadership: You can’t want something for someone else more than they want it for themselves

Spiritual: Discern the will of the Father, in those you lead and coach  to to do the same

• Relational: Invest in those you lead so they know that you care for them.

How many times have you been working with a disciple-maker, and the answer has mysteriously come to the forefront of their minds. This usually happens through asking powerful questions that cause them to reflect.

I believe that happens more often than not when we are investing in the disciple-maker. The results can change what they care about.

You are there to help the leader understand the problem so they can see the path forward.

Resist Answering their Questions

Remember to ask “What question do I need to think of every time I engage in a conversation?”

  • Mastery of the key disciple making skills

Where is their point of tension, what’s the next question, do I have a testimony that will direct this conversation.

  • Building Skill “What skills do I need to develop to engage in a crucial conversation that will lead to a discipling conversation?”