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The Ministerial Credential

Is a credential that allows the pastor to serve in a ministry capacity. We encourage the leader to complete their academic work in preparation to receive the full credential with ordination.

Step 1  |  Pastor’s Profile & Theology

Pastor Application

Spouse Application



Step 2″  |  Background Check Release Form



Step 3  |  Personal Profile Interview



Step 4  |  History & Polity Course

History & Polity Study Guide

Support Material for Essays

History & Polity Exam



The Full Credentials

Gives full pastoral status in Ignite Network and the Missionary Church Inc. An annual self assessment is given to evaluate discipleship effectiveness and to state any significant theological shifts that need to be addressed.

Step 1  |  Academic Development

  • Old Testament Course Completed
  • New Testament Course Completed
  • Theology Course Completed
  • Internship/Residency Completed
  • Discipleship Training -Xcellerate
  • Clinical Pastoral Edu Completed
  • Recommended Courses
  • Transcript showing credits sent

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Step 2  |  Evidence of Ordination

Step 3  |  Credential Request


Step 4  |  Send it in!

Email to: or
or Mail to: Diane Rodocker | PO Box 9127 | Fort Wayne, IN 46899