Taking the road of a church planter can be one of the most complicated, exhausting, and crazy paths anyone can take – we get that! So, to make things easy, we’ve laid out a simple, step-by-step process that a church planter through the Ignite Network will take to launch their church. It goes all the way from the assessment of the church planter to the follow-up after the church has launched. We call this process The Essential Five.

Essential 1 – Training Intensive

Following the assessments, church planters will be invited to equip and prepare their team for the training intensive experience. This phase will lead the planter through the development phase of building a team and creating a detailed launch plan. The training intensive experience includes three separate phases.

Phase 1 is preparation; this phase is called getting ready. This includes doing preliminary work with the team in their community. This phase is critical to establish the foundations and pre-launch phase. The planter will prepare their profile and work with the team to assess their gifts and abilities.

The second phase is called getting set. This phase will be done in an off-site setting (lasting approximately 1 week). There are four training intensives offered each year.

The final phase of the training intensive is called getting it done. This phase is the follow-up phase to the training intensive week. This is the season when the church planter will move toward finalizing his strategy and completing the preparation phase with his team. (In some cases the training intensive phase precedes the assessment phase. This can occur when the planter is evaluating his call to the ministry of church multiplication.)

Essential 2 – Church Planter Preparation

Church planters moving forward in the process will enter a preparation phase. During this 5 month phase, planters will begin the process of working with a coach to build a strategic plan to ignite a new church. The planter will be assisted to move toward executing the detailed plan developed in the training intensive.

Essential 3 – Launch Team Preparation

The coach will simultaneously assist the planter to execute a strategic plan that he is developed from the get ready, get set, and get it done sequence. The planter will measure marker points along the way to determine the schedule for the preview services and the launch date. The planter will also continue to sharpen his grasp of the demographic psychographic information influencing the church plant.

Essential 4 – Mentoring

Simultaneous to the launch of the new church plant, leaders will enter a multi-month mentoring phase. The first year in the life of a church plant is vital in establishing health. It is also vital for the planter to establish healthy leadership habits during this time. The coach will serve as a spiritual guide, providing leadership insight and personal care during this intense season.

Essential 5 – Continued Coaching For Success

The supervisor and coach will continue to assist the planter during the first two years of development. These 24 months are the critical months in the life of a developing church. This is the season when the church will either be a transformational community or simply a struggling group attempting to produce weekend services.