Championing Church Planting and Multiplication

Exponential is a growing community of leaders committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities. We champion church multiplication and equip church planters and multipliers as we seek to help move the needle on multiplication from less than 4% of churches actively reproducing to greater than 10%!

Jesus. Leaders. Multiplication.

Plan For Strategic Multiplication Lab


Most churches are missing a strategic multiplication plan. They lack an intentional missional game plan and a strategy for multiplying disciples to the fourth generation. This Generate pre-conference lab will give you workable strategies for how to move from tactical to practical.

Day 1 (Monday): What’s Your Game Plan?
Tim Roehl will focus on helping churches develop a strategy to move from “doing church” to becoming great missionaries to their communities. Whether you are planting a church or leading an existing ministry, you will have to blend spiritual and strategic effort to make an eternal difference in people’s lives. In other words, you’ve got to have an intentional game plan for missional ministry.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Your Church Can Launch a Multiplication Movement
Dan Grider and Rodney Arnold will help you learn how to launch a disciple multiplication movement. Churches and church plants grow to a point and then they plateau. This Lab will help you learn how to launch a multiplication movement that will continue to grow no matter what size you are now. The foundation must be to move your church to become a multiplier. Principles about multiplication will be shared to get you started moving toward multiplication. Rodney will share how his church plant successfully made the shift from stuck to become a church that is rapidly multiplying disciples. In this session we will assist you to start the move toward launching a multiplication movement.


Ignite Workshops

Tuesday Workshop

From Stuck to Launching a Multiplication Movement

Dan Grider & Bobby Williams

Most church plants have a season of growth, but most plateau in the first two years. This workshop will explore how to launch a multiplication movement that will continue to grow no matter what size you are now. We will share the principles of multiplication that will assist you in starting a multiplication movement. Bobby Williams will share how his plateaued church plant successfully made the shift from stuck to growth. We will break down how they launched a multiplication movement that is reproducing multiplication and rapid expansion.


Wednesday Workshop

Learn to Start a Movement Instead of Leading a Single Church

Dan Grider & Jim Richmond

When you boil it all down you probably started with the dream of making disciples who reproduce disciples. Jim and Dan will share how you can establish a culture that will launch a multiplication movement, and plant three campuses in four years. Jim embrace these multiplication principles and decided to launch a movement instead of simply launching a single church plant. If your original dream was
to launch a multiplication movement learn how to take the first step. This process has produced over 100 churches in the past five years.

Bobby Williams

Bobby planted his first church nearly 10 years ago. That church plateaued for three years. Bobby embraced a new set of principles and soon began to experience rapid growth over the past 5 years. Bobby is leading a group of multipliers and church planters to do the same thing. Bobby is pastor of Ridge Church in Oak Ridge Tennessee.

Jim Richmond

Jim is pastor of North Ridge Church in the Tri-City area. As Jim began to multiply disciples he discovered that he could launch new communities with the new disciple he was making. He determined that it would be more effective to launch 10 churches of 300 than to grown one church of 3,000. From that time he set out to launch a culture of multiplication and church planting. In the past few years they have planted three new church plants that are flourishing.

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